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Bring your mind back to present 

About Prezent

PREZENT brings your mind back to present and group your friends together, by a cup of tea or a sip of coffee.  


Tea and coffee are simple, yet complex.  It caters to our senses through scent, taste, temperature and presentation.  Each hearty brews can help us relax, calm the mind and uplift our spirit.  At PREZENT we aim to provide tea and coffee with distinctive characters which match with your personality, caters to your mood, reminds you to enjoy the me-time or chill gathering moments.


Elvia, founder of PREZENT, is a Licensed Q-Arabica Grader conferred by Coffee Quality Institutes is picking the best value coffee for you, whether you are day-to-day high consumption drinker or prefer to enjoy specialty coffee brought from single origin farms around the world.  Tea is carefully selected and blended with herbs and flowers, both caffeinated or caffeine free blends are available.