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Trend of Specialty Tea

Consumers are paying more attention to the health effects of what they eat and what they drink.  Soda and artificial sweeten drinks is no more trendy.  The search of individual, gourmet quality tea follows the same path coffee has traveled.   

Prezent presents the top ended ingredients and tea in European style and also Asian style.  We are passionate in deliver a cup with more depth in tea flavor and a luxurious experience to you.

Ecological Tea 

Prezent's ecological tea collection is grown in Northern Thailand, a farm located in highland where people is practising primitive and simple life.  All their tea are grown by making use of its' own ecological system without adding artificial pesticide.  Now, its already the second generation picking up the passion of tea growing.

With more than 10 decade of tea growing and making experience, Ms Natinwirun notice the beauty of non-caffinated drinks.  Without any artificial processing, lemongrass, ginger, pandan... these kind of herbal plant can be used for brewing and produce beautiful fragrance.

Not only the fragrance and taste, each tea has its' own health benefit.  Click into our product details to check out the amazing benefits the nature bring you.


Flourish Tea 

This collection is designed by an award winning Korean tea maker Hyun Jin Sung.  She is passionate in creating tea with wide variety of ingredients from different countries.  Identified the characters of tea, with the mixture of fruit peels and flower pedals, the tea created not only appealing visually, its' smell and taste are equally enjoyable.  

Some of its' tea is a twist of authentic ones like Citrusy Oolong, with the mix of Korean green tea and Chinese Oolong, orange peels and apple pieces are added to give you a refreshing taste.  Some are completely new creature like Fairy Muscat.  This floral tea is a blend of 4 flowers, 2 kind of black tea, herbal and spice up with a little muscat flavour.  

Each tea has a unique flavour, can pair with different pastry, cake and dessert.  Check out details in the product page.